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Rev. Lorelei Starbuck Austin Wedding Minister

My wedding ceremonies are a very personal experience for me, they are an expression of whoI am.

Weddings are not just an event, they are the bonding of two lives. They are and should be a Spiritual experience for everyone present.


I truly want what I do to matter, not only to you and your guests but to ME as well!

Performing weddings is not what I do for a living it is something I do for the pure love of it. A way of giving back and it is a true art form.


For this reason I choose my couples as carefully as you should choose your Minister.  I know that if a heartfelt bond does not exist between us, then your wedding will not be the emotionally powerful experience you deserve.

For this reason I have a 3 step process that will guarantee your ceremony is something you will never foreget.


Scroll down to find out what that is!



First we chat over the phone, we discuss your dreams and vision for your ceremony; what interested you about what I do and the importance of the ceremony. I believe that the ceremony is the focal point of the event and the reception is the celebration of that bond you have just made. Its important that you feel the same way.


Because I am not your average Minister and my ceremonies are very personalized I believe this phone call is the most important step because we will both know if we should proceed and meet. If so we set up a meeting between the two of you and me. We will spend about an hour getting to know each other and that eye to eye spiritual connection will be made... or sometimes not and thats ok too. Then I ask that the two of you go home and discuss our meeting and decide if you feel I the am one for you. I do the same and then if we are all on the same page we book the wedding.

I can not stress how wonderful Reverend Lorelei was at our wedding. She was perfect and many of our guests kept telling us that IT was the best wedding they have ever seen. I would highly recommend her for any upcoming event you may have. She was absolutely perfect!  Stephanie


Thank you for everything. Your service was liked by all who witness the ceremony. People could not stop talking about how they had never been to a service where the Reverend made them feel all sorts of emotions- crying, laughter, awe, and excited all at the same time. The ceremony was the focus of the night. God bless you. Cidonio & Terrance


You are such an amazing and very special person, and we can't thank you enough for uniting us in marriage. Everyone was so moved by your words, and will never forget the ceremony you created. With grateful an loving apprication... John and Cid

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