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Rev. Ed SarnellaRev. Lorelei Starbuck Celebrity Wedding Minister

HUB Certified & Woman-Owned Business

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I am a Christian

Minister and do my

best to bring love,

joy and peace to your

wedding ceremony.

Filled with excitement

and anticipation


I am your skillful guide for the perfect wedding.  In our imperfect world I am here to help my couples navigate and create an amazing, memorable wedding ceremony.


Marriage is meant to be so much more than the physical union of two people. It is a highly spiritual and holy relationship. My wish for all couples to fully understand the depth of their marriage vows and commitments to each other. To understand the loving words spoken to each other and the unbreakable bond created.



sacred affairs

We create one of a kind, Personalized Wedding Ceremonies from Austin to San Antonio and all surrounding areas!

Mirror of the Future Ceremony

That is the way every ceremony should be...from front to end a complete visceral experience. I really connected with the bride and groom we were all one.


After it was over, the bride said to me..."You were speaking my thoughts you took them right out of my heart and soul!"


An old minister friend of mine once said "There are good ministers and there are bad ministers but then there are those who are neither. They just speak what they hear and what others need to hear"

I think yesterday I became one of those Ministers!



The other day I

performed a near  

perfect ceremony.

The words came

through me not

from me.

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