Rev. Lorelei Starbuck Austin Wedding Minister

My wedding ceremonies are a very personal experience for me, they are an expression of whoI am. Weddings are not just an event, they are the bonding of two lives. They are and should be a Spiritual experience for everyone present.  So why would you want to choose me to officiate over your wedding ceremony?  Well you should expect and receive AMAZING. Nothing else will do!


You know the old saying you get what you pay for? Well with me you get someone who has consecrated over 3000 weddings, commitment and renewal ceremonies in over 25 years. You get a one of a kind personalize ceremony that no other minister or officiant can copy or duplicate.


I create one of kind, powerful, Love Story Ceremonies for every couple I work with. Never scripted, or read from a book, I speak from my heart extemporaneously. Like having a conversation with an old friend, sprinkled  with all the reverence for the day!Out of my pure love for the work, I custom design your ceremony, with joy, laughter and tears.  No two are ever the same and no one will ever forget your wedding ceremony.





I am a Christian minister and do my best to bring love, joy and peace to your wedding ceremony.  I am someone you can depend on to be prepared, peaceful, calm and to help navigate the storms that may cause instability. The everyday planning of the perfect wedding causes a certain amount of  stress. I am the stress relief . Filled with excitement and anticipation I am your skillful guide for the perfect wedding.  In our imperfect world I am here to help my couples  navigate and create an amazing, memorable wedding ceremony.  


Marriage is meant to be so much more than the physical union of two people. It is a highly spiritual and holy relationship. My wish is for all couples to fully understand the depth of their marriage vows and commitments to each other. To understand the loving words spoken to each other and the unbreakable bond created.



You can depend on me to make sure your wedding day is what you always wanted it to be.



I can not stress how wonderful Reverend Lorelei was at our wedding. She was perfect and many of our guests kept telling us that IT was the best wedding they have ever seen. I would highly recommend her for any upcoming event you may have. She was absolutely perfect!  Stephanie


Thank you for everything. Your service was liked by all who witness the ceremony. People could not stop talking about how they had never been to a service where the Reverend made them feel all sorts of emotions- crying, laughter, awe, and excited all at the same time. The ceremony was the focus of the night. God bless you. Cidonio & Terrance


You are such an amazing and very special person, and we can't thank you enough for uniting us in marriage. Everyone was so moved by your words, and will never forget the ceremony you created. With grateful an loving apprication...

John and Cid

Rev. Lorelei Starbuck

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